VisionNet API PEP Check

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS.

Provides PEP and Sanctions check against an individual. JSON or XML request returns the summary counts, while PDF request returns a full report PDF data stream.{last_name}/{first_name}?dob={dob}&county={county}&pep_country={pep_country}&bankruptcy={bankruptcy}&userRef={user_ref}
last_nameStringLast Name.
first_nameStringFirst Name.
dobStringOptional. Either dd-mm-yyyy or yyyy only. If dd-mm-yyyy is passed, the check will be carried out using whole of that year.
countyintOptional. Irish county ID as in Lookup Tables.
pep_countryISO2 StringOptional. Ignores county parameter for non-Irish countries. ISO2 country code as in Lookup Tables.
bankruptcyBooleanOptional, default true. Will use valid county area search if provided.
userRefStringOptional. User reference.
formatXML, JSON or PDFReturn the result count in XML (default), the result count in JSON or the full report in PDF format.

PEP check, will cover either whole Ireland, if irish county is supplied, or worldwide otherwise.

Sample reply for PEPCheck/Smith/John?dob=1942&county=11&format=json