VisionNet API Credit Check Individual (CCI)

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS.

Provides our full background check report for a name and address. JSON or XML request returns the summary counts, while PDF request returns a full report PDF data stream.

Registries searched:

  • Consumer Judgments
  • Disqualified/Restricted Persons
  • Bankruptcy
  • Insolvency Service Records
  • Revenue Defaulters (since Q1 2012)
  • Current and Previous Directorships
  • Shareholding
  • Business Ownerships
  • Politically Exposed Person{last_name}/{first_name}?dob={dob}&county={county}&county_prev={previous_county}&maiden_name={maiden_name}&includePEP={includePEP}&pep_country={pep_country}&userRef={user_ref}&format={FORMAT}
Parameter Type Description
last_name String Last Name.
first_name String First Name.
dob Date String Optional. Date of Birth in a DD-MM-YYYY format.
county Integer Optional. Current County ID as in Lookup Tables.
county_prev Integer Optional. Previous County ID as in Lookup Tables.
pep_country ISO2 String Optional. Used to limit included PEP search only. ISO 2 country code as in Lookup Tables.
maiden_name String Optional. Maiden Name.
includePEP Boolean Optional. Include PEP registry search.
userRef String Optional. User reference.
format XML, JSON or PDF Return the result count in XML (default), the result count in JSON or the full report in PDF format.

Where a county specified is a Dublin post code (id 50-71), such area will be used in Judgments, Disq/Restricted, Bankruptcy, ISI and Revenue Defaulters searches.
Directorships, Shareholdings and Business Ownerships will search whole Dublin county based on remaining search criteria. PEP check, if requested, will cover either whole Ireland, if irish county is supplied, or country if supplied, worldwide otherwise.

Sample reply for /cws/1.0/Check-Individual/Smith/John?dob=01-04-1942&includePEP=true&county=11&format=json