VisionNet API Submission Count

All requests must first be Authorized and must use the HTTP GET method over HTTPS.

Allows you to get the count of the number of submissions which match your search. This may be useful for pagination purposes. You should supply either sub_num or both company_num and company_bus_ind.{sub_num}&doc_num={doc_num}&company_num={company_num}&company_bus_ind={company_bus_ind}
sub_numPositive IntegerA unique number representing a submission of document(s) to the CRO. This may be up to eight digits long. A submission may contain multiple documents, such as an Annual Return and a set of Accounts.
doc_numPositive IntegerIf you only want to get one document from a submission, then you can pass the submisison document number.
company_numPositive IntegerThe Company Number Or Registered Business Number as defined by the CRO. If the company_num is supplied then you must supply company_bus_ind as B or C
company_bus_indC or BC) Company
B) Registered Business Name
This can be omitted if company_num is not provided