History Of Changes

Please find a table below detailing the changes in various versions of the API. We may add new fields to the XML or JSON output without prior notification, so you should ensure that this does not cause problems for your application.

By default version 0.7 will be returned. Version number must be provided in request url to get any higher version than that.

To get latest version 1.6 for example, use:

Current Version: 1.6

Version Date Description
0.103/08/2015The initial VisionNet API. Includes Company Searching functionality, basic reports, full reports, credit reports, shareholder reports. Also includes document listings, and document purchasing in PDF or TIFF format.
0.214/08/2015Added BusinessNames element to the Company CREDIT report. PDF reports are now also available.
0.319/08/2015Added eircode field to the Owner element on the Business Report.
0.409/10/2015Added an Eircode API.
0.513/09/2016Added Credit Check Individual PDF report.
0.627/09/2016content-type header can now be used to specify PDF format.
0.713/10/2016Standalone Person PEPCheck pdf report is now available.
0.811/04/2017No longer returning empty fields in the response. JSON Array consistency fixes.
1.019/04/2017All field names are now consistently using snake_case.
1.104/01/2019Added company monitoring API. Added Financial and Audit exemption reasons. Added turnover_prediction
1.226/07/2019Added UK Credit Report. Irish report XML flow fixes.
1.305/02/2020Added liquidation_docs to the Irish Full and Credit reports
1.431/03/2020UK Credit Report BalanceSheet can now contain provisions field. Added balance_sheet_months to the BalanceSheet and ProfitAndLoss elements.
1.522/06/2020Added url, telephone and vat_numbers objects to the Company credit reports. Also added a new UBO/AML/KYC report.
1.617/11/2020Expanded Credit Check Individual request with structured data. Please contact us for more details.

If there is something you would like added, then speak to a member of our sales team.